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Finuala Barne's United Kingdom Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Lots more info!

Namarie's Welsh Links

Linda von Hanneken-Martin's Wolfpacks... Gear for Working Dogs!

This is where Gary used to work Next to Lake Norconian.

Stop in and visit Jo-Ann Coller, who owns Ch Saga's Meghan of Larkstone, and has embarked upon a career as an author.

See this week's Southern California Earthquakes! Typically, we get 5 or 10 per day.

A look-up place.

Starting Point Starting Point, a good place to start if you can't think of anywhere else!

All in One All in One, a collection of search engines.

Learn about the Electronic Freedom Foundation's Blue Ribbon Campaign Blue Ribbon Campaign

Dilbert! Become a member of the DNRC. I did!

Click on this, and receive $152.00 (Really!)

PGP , Pretty Good Privacy using DES encryption. Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you! Protect your privacy . . .

actually, Diet Pepsi is my favorite beverage.

Reciprocal Links that are not going to reciprocate:

CYBER-PETCyber-Pet -- Well, these guys REFUSED to link to my Welsh Springer Spaniel page, claiming that it was "commercial", so I would have to PAY THEM for listing the link! Right. As soon as the cash starts rolling in, I'll just send it ALL to them. Visit their site if you want to see which breeders have sent them money.

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